Our passion is for high quality handwork. Using traditional craft techniques designed with our modern approach and aesthetic. Supporting artisan groups, their economic development and preserving skilled craft is a priority.

Hand printing: we work with two family businesses in Jaipur, Rajasthan who specialize in block printing and hand screen printing. We also use different Indian hand dyeing techniques, including Shibori, Bandhani, Tie-Dye and Batik.

Hand embroidery and beadwork: we include either handloom embroidery or hand treadle (embroidery stitched with a hand operated sewing machine) as much as possible. We are currently developing Chikan pulled-thread embroidery with a community in Lucknow.

Handloom weaving: we love handloomed fabric from West Bengal and are planning to feature it more in the future. It is an integral part of Indian identity and produces luxurious fabrics with a soft hand feel, unusual weaves and is made using zero electricity or emissions.

Hand knitting: we always include beautiful hand knits in our sweater collection. Made in Peru, the yarn is often hand spun Alpaca made by an indigenous community of women in Puno, high in the Sierra region.